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Barcelona Set To Sign Adama Traore

Barcelona Set To Sign Adama Traore

Wolves' strong winger Adama Traore has decided to step up and move to a new team in that year. Tottenham and Barcelona has interested with the Spanish international, and Traore's transfer processes has started. Tottenham have failed on negotiations when Traore and Tottenham board have met for squad's planning. Because Tottenham's boss Antonio Conte has revealed the role of Traore's on Conte's 3-4-3. Traore was a huge part of Conte's plans. But he'd been played on right wing-back area. He's rejected that offer for that reason, and he accepted the other one.

Barcelona has offered a right wing-forward role to Adama Traore, and that was the dream plan for him. Also he's educated in Barça's successfull youngster system, La Masia. He's been thinking about come back to his eldest joy. Traore and his agent was so close to sign that contract, and Wolves was ready to accept that too. Barça's loan+buy offer has accepted fron Wolves' board. And if he'll be a great option for Barça, he can stay with €35m buyout fee. Barcelona board was excited for this transfer success. The board thinks they'll set themselves, but they have to create another transfer options too.

The English team want to create an open space for the new transfer, and they had to accept for that. Also Traore couldn't too much chance to raise his performance. The fan websites thinks, 26-year-old winger can be a great option, but he can't be the solution. Also the rumours said, both club are very happy to sign that contract too. When Barça and Wolves can finish that proccesses immediately, he'll join the team within a few days.

Adama Traore have risen from Barça's youngster teams and La Masia. He's been rising until the B Team, but the club and Traore thinks to move on to EPL and Championship. He signed Aston Villa at 2015. But he couldn't perform well in there, and Villa have sold him to Middlesborough. He's been shining on that clubs counter-attack system. This system was a huge chance for him, and he's signed Wolves with €20m fee. He's still spending 4th year in Wolves, and he scored 11 goals and 18 assists in 154 matches.


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