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Vitor Pereira May Sign Corinthians

Vitor Pereira May Sign Corinthians

Vitor Pereira was so popular in January '22. Because Everton board made an offer to him for their manager position. The deal was almost done, but Everton has found a new solution. And the board have appointed Frank Lampard. Pereira has missed his the greatest chance. He's sacked from Fenerbahçe in December '21, and he's been waiting for the new job.

Brazilian media has announced a new gossip in a few days ago which is about Vitor Pereira's future. They've said the Portuguese manager has accepted an offer from Brazilian Serie A. The rumours said, that team was Corinthians. The Brazilian team's board and Vitor Pereira have connected at the end of January. Pereira has accepted their offer in the first meeting, because Corinthians has found some fund and sponsorship for this moves. 

They've planned squad's depthness and transfer strategy in the second online meeting. 53-year-old manager has explained his tactical strategy too. Pereira will play 3-4-3 formation in Corinthians which is same with Fenerbahçe. And he's wanted to have whole control on selections and tactical progression. He's also accepted Corinthians's 2-year-contract. 

The rumours has informed Pereira's yearly salary too. The well-known manager will earn $1.8m per each year. 

Vitor Pereira has worked in Porto, Olympiakos, Al Ain, Shangai SIPG and 1860 Munich since 2009. He also worked at Fenerbahçe twice, but he couldn't finish his contract in the İstanbul giant. His second Fenerbahçe era has started at July '21. But he couldn't create good connections with the board and star players which the rumours' refered as Mesut Özil, İrfan Can Kahveci etc.


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