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Aaron Boupendza and Fabrizio Angileri Rumoured With Fenerbahçe

Aaron Boupendza and Fabrizio Angileri Rumoured With Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe's transfer plans are still processing with the new interim coach İsmail Kartal. Fenerbahçe board has taken a transfer list from him which is including four positions. Fenerbahçe rumours said; that lists' two positions are marked with "urgent" for club's near future. And that positions are striker and left back. Fenerbahçe has decided to make that move into that period.

The İstanbul team want to sign their ex player Vedat Muriqi for striker position. But their first plan can be change with Lazio and Muriqi's desicion. Russian League's contender CSKA Moskova want Muriqi and they can prepare transfer fee with their huge budget. But Fenerbahçe's first option is loan and €7m buying option for that move. Lazio's Kosovian striker can be a dream again for Fenerbahçe fans. But the board have found a new solution.

Fenerbahçe has targeted Al-Arabi's unhappy striker Aaron Boupendza which he has played in Turkish League for Hatayspor. Fenerbahçe wanted to loan Gabonian striker before, but Al-Arabi didn't accept their first loan offer. The Qatar team said they just accept selling offer for Boupendza. But 25-year-old forward wants to move Fenerbahçe so much and he said that to his club. And transfer talk has started again. Fenerbahçe has renewed their loan offer and Al-Arabi has declared to accept that with one condition. They want to add a must-to-buy option to Boupendza's loanee contract. Fenerbahçe was so cold to this situation, but they don't have too much time and player on their pocket. The rumours said; they'll accept that too.

Left Back Solution: Angeleri

Fenerbahçe's second target is left back position. They've contacted Sead Kolasinac, Nicolas Cozza and Toni Lato for that move. But they couldn't make any progress. And Fener has started to talk with another name. They're in contact with River's experienced left back Fabrizio Angeleri. His contract will expire at June '22 and he wants to go to Europe. Russian teams has connected to him for summer contract. But he refused all of them. Fenerbahçe has connected River Plate too and they're trying to make that move in January. The rumours said; Angeleri is close to Fener from any other offer. And River can accept €1m fee for six months. That transfer can finish at the next week.


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