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Ajax Prepares An Offer For Altay Bayındır

Ajax Prepares An Offer For Altay Bayındır

Ajax is preparing a new plan for goalkeeper position. The board couldn't fix Andre Onana's contract extension, and he's going to leave at June '22. The Cameroonian goalkeeper has connected with Inter, Barcelona and Juventus why he wants to join an A-list team. The Amsterdam team is searching a new potential for their no.1 position.

Ajax's scouts has been following Fenerbahçe's goalkeeper Altay Bayindir when he shined in 2020-21 season. But Ajax board want to make a move for the Turkish goalkeeper in that time. Because he still didn't extend his contract with Fenerbahçe and his contract will end at June '23. If he won't extend it until the end of season, Ajax will make an offer to Fenerbahçe. The rumours said, that potential offer will cost €10m to the İstanbul team.

Ajax wants to finish that move quickly why another European clubs want Altay too. Lille, Inter and Newcastle want to transfer him, and Fenerbahçe wants to negotiate to whole offers. Ajax and Lille is going to watch him again in Fenerbahçe's UEFA European Conference Cup match with Slavia Praha. That clubs has watched him a lot of times, but this match's report will be a key for Altay's move. Because the 23-year-old goalkeeper has just recovered his injury, and that teams are wondering his injury capability. If he'll pass that exam, he can reach any other level from there.

Altay Bayındır is a 1st goalkeeper of Fenerbahçe since 2019. He transferred from Ankaragücü which cost €1.5m. He played for Fenerbahçe in 86 matches and allowed 101 goals. But he made %25 clean sheet record in unbalanced Fenerbahçe seasons.


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