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Daily Transfer Rumours for Premier League - 26/08/2021

Daily Transfer Rumours for Premier League - 26/08/2021


Arsenal's transfer crisis is still continues. They have to sell or release some players for sign new ones. They're focusing Kolasinac, Elneny, Lacazette and Hector Bellerin's selling right now. Bellerin is the most valueable player in that selling list, he can find €15-20m fee for sign another club. But the other players are posibbly go free to another club. Turkish team Fenerbahçe want Elneny, Kolasinac and Lacazette's contract or loan three of them. They're still negotiate the terms of three players.

If Arsenal can achieve that transfer operation, they'll set to sign Lyon's French midfielder Hossem Aouar. They'll probably pay a loan free for the first year, and they'll pay the regular transfer fee which is €40m.

Man City

Man City was preparing to close their transfer market, but they were facing an opportunity in a few days ago. Juve's superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's willing was heard around every big club. Juventus and PSG's presidents started to talk about the Portoguese superstar's transfer. And the rumours said, they're close to an agreement right now. But City and Guardiola can change the Ronaldo's direction. Because Juventus and PSG couldn't reach an agreement about Ronaldo's transfer fee. PSG still trying to buy free to Ronaldo's contract, but Juve want a €20m fee at least. If Man City pay that Juventus' will, they will sign the legendary player. 


Chelsea is still trying their two major targets. Within these 1 week, they want to sign Kounde and Saul Niguez immediately. Spanish team Sevilla is starting to negotiate Chelsea's lower offers. They've said only the release fee is acceptable, but then Sevilla start to consider Chelsea's €60m offer. Chelsea board want to create a new offer for the French defender and make it real that transfer. Spanish rumours said, Sevilla can accept €65m fee right now. If Kounde's transfer will complete, Sevilla will make an offer to Tottenham's Colomian defender Davinson Sanchez.


Tottenham is preparing their final transfer moves right now. They're still searching a Harry Kane's substitute forward and a centre back on these days. But anybody knows about anything for that transfer preparation. Some rumours said, Tottenham joined Porto's striker Gil Dias race. But it wasn't confirmed from another source.

Tottenham's second target is absolutely Harry Kane. They want to keep up their captain's contract, and they're working a brand new and expensive contract for him. Kane's contract would be enraise to £400.000 per week. If Kane accepts that offer, he can have the most expensive contract in the EPL.

West Ham

London giant West Ham still prepares their team for UEL and EPL. Experienced manager David Moyes wants a centre back and a playmaker from West Ham's board. The board accepts Moyes's willings and they started to finish that transfer urgently. They're so close to sign Kurt Zouma from Chelsea right now, that transfer could be done with €20m fee. But the second target seems so hard. They trying to buy Jesse Lingard's contract from ManU, but they can't reach an agreement right now. Both of their terms are not close to each other. If the transfer talks will be move like this, West Ham will make an offer to Jonathan Bamba or Edouard Camavinga.


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