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Ersun Yanal Can Take Kosovo Job!

Ersun Yanal Can Take Kosovo Job!

Kosovo haven't qualified from World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. They've earned just 5 points in 8 matches, and they couldn't even pass Greece and Georgia in Group B. Kosova Football Federation (FFK) have parted their ways with Bernard Challandes after that results, and they've started to search a new coach to their national team. Kosovo's first choice is so familiar from the Turkish Süper Lig.

FFK associates have met Ersun Yanal for this position, and they didn't have negative vibe on him. The board have planned another meeting with the 60-year-old Turkish manager. Yanal is looking so close to Kosovo's offer He'll negotiate that offer's details and Kosovo's footballer pool in the second meeting. Yanal thinks Kosovo and Turkey are so familiar with their cultural bounds. An he thinks that offer will be a chance to promote his career again.

Ersun Yanal has connected Kosovo's striker Vedat Muriqi, who plays for Mallorca as a loanee player, to get some details. Yanal and Muriqi have talked about Kosovo's football design and squad depth in that conversation. Yanal's first Kosovo tactical plan will be constructed on Vedat Muriqi's striking ability. Because the ex-Turkey manager and Kosovo's star have worked together on Fenerbahçe when Muriqi has played the greatest season on his career at 2019/20.

FFK and Yanal are close to accept both terms in the second or third meeting. Both sides will be signed the contract in the middle of February '22. Kosovo and their Serie A-based players will try to get new successes with their possible coach again. 

Ersun Yanal has worked on Turkey national team in 2004-05. After that promotion, he has worked two-times in Fenerbahçe, and three-times in Trabzonspor. He's won Süper Lig in his first Fenerbahçe era which is the last championship of Fenerbahçe at 2014.


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