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Fenerbahçe and Kolasinac Negotiations Has Started!

Fenerbahçe and Kolasinac Negotiations Has Started!

Turkish Süper Lig contender Fenerbahçe has dropped 1st to 6th in a few weeks. And they've a lot of gossips about new coach and president's managing capability right now. Fenerbahçe's well-known president Ali Koç is starting to work for new transfer for their squad. He went to London for negotiations with new transfer targets. The rumours said, he is close to sign with striker and left-back which is the main target of the İstanbul club.

Ali Koç's team has transferred 9 players in summer transfer era, but they didn't have too much performances from that moves. Fenerbahçe board want to sell or loan some players from their squad, but they also need some emergency transfer too. Fenerbahçe's interim coach İsmail Kartal made a urgent list for that positions and the board started to develop their moves. Their first targets are Arsenal Sead Kolasinac and River's Fabrizio Angileri.

Fenerbahçe is closer than any club for Angileri's move, but they're still checking the transfer opinions right now. And they've faced Kolasinac offer again on that period. The Bosnian international player wants to leave Arsenal and his contract will end at June '22. The Gunners has decided to send Kolasinac at June '21, but they didn't find any reasonable offer to him at summer era. Arsenal board are ready to give a space for Fenerbahçe's Kolasinac interest right now. They'll try to have some earnings for that move, and get escape from his 6-month remained contract.

Kolasinac wants to play for Fenerbahçe right now, because he'll play with his best friend in İstanbul. Mesut Ozil and Kolasinac were great teammates in Arsenal, and they'd like to reunited that brotherhood in Fenerbahçe. Also Bosnian left back thinks that Turkey and Bosnia's similarity too. He can accept any reasonable offer from Fenerbahçe. Ali Koç, Kolasinac and his agent has met in London and discussed Kolasinac's contract options. That transfer move can happen in January era.

Fenerbahçe is searching a striker too in England. The rumours said they're connecting with Christian Benteke, Joelinton and Teemu Pukki. 

Sead Kolasinac has signed Arsenal in 2017 summer era from Schalke 04. He played 118 matches for the Gunners, and made 5 goals and 15 assists. Also he played just 5 matches on this season, and he was off from Arteta's plan since the last season.


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