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The Gedson Fernandes Battle Just Ended!

The Gedson Fernandes Battle Just Ended!

Süper Lig's two rivals have faced for Benfica's Portuguese midfielder Gedson Fernandes. Both teams have thought him for the future planning. But the ex-Galatasaray player has changed whole transfer dynamics in one day. Galatasaray fans' expectancies were fall apart when Beşiktaş and another Süper Lig team has done that move.

Galatasaray has retreated his offer in a few days ago. Because their "foreign players limit" has decrease to one with Inaki Pena who is loaned from Barça. And they've focused to Erick Pulgar's loan contract. Therefore, Beşiktaş has started to work for Gedson's signing. And they've built a huge transfer plan to him. The İstanbul team offered 5-year payment plan for €6m fee, and %50 of next selling. Benfica have convinced that offer and the signing process started. 

But Beşiktaş's foreign limit is same with Galatasaray. They've fulled in the summer era, and they need to open some spaces in there. Beşiktaş board has found a solution for that problem. They've connected with Süper Lig team Çaykur Rizespor and loaned Fernandes until the end of season. Rizespor will pay Fernandes' salary which is a great economic solution too for Beşiktaş. And he'll join Beşiktaş squad in the summer period. This sign has determined as the beginning of Beşiktaş's future plan. They'll send old stars, and add young and bright ones.

While Beşiktaş and Rize were preparing to announce Fernandes, Galatasaray were trying to explain how they couldn't do that move. Their fans feel devestated right now, and blames the board. Galatasaray chairman Burak Elmas said, they've retreated from that move and focus Pulgar. But he couldn't convince Galatasaray fans, especially the anger ones. If the board won't make some good moves, Galatasaray fans and board will be seperated in the future. And that transfer will be a milestone with Fatih Terim's departure.


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