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Transfer Rumours for Premier League - 30/03/2022

Transfer Rumours for Premier League - 30/03/2022

2022's first transfer window has shot down at February 1st. But its rumours are still developing at the backdoors. This content will explain that rumours for Transfer News Life's follower.

Manchester United

Manchester United is still seeking a manager for the next season. When Ralf Rangnick's interim manager period is about to end, fans always wondering the permanent manager action. The rumours said; Mauricio Pochettino and Ralph Hassenhüttl has remained from 10-men-list. Hassenhüttl didn't check any offer from ManU the board did it. But Rangnick has put him on the table. The agreement is far with the German manager, but Poch option is close to the Red Devils. 

The Argentinian wants to leave PSG, also PSG board want to send him either. United side wants to sign him immediately and starts to new season's plans with Pochettino. That rumour is pretty far from So'ton's manager.


Chelsea board is trying to live with the takeover situations. The government and The FA are managing that process, but Chelsea hasn't seen any good news about it. But the board's executives are making a new season's plan with Thomas Tuchel. Azpilicueta is close to stay in the London team, but takeover rules don't permit to sign any contract right now. They've to wait until that job's done. 

If this period will finish early, Chelsea will make a centre back strategy in the first days of June. They'd like to sign Crystal Palace's youngster defender March Guehi who is raise from Chelsea. The board wants to use his buyback clause and re-sign him for their team renewing project.

Newcastle United

Newcastle is still planning their summer era's strategy. The board wants to use an agressive transfer moves. But the FA and UEFA may check their incomes if they spend their budget like that. Eddie Howe's transfer list will give some keys for that strategy. The board want to add some star and free player in that summer. Newcastle's Saudi executives want to improve with free transfers in that summer. Because when they'll give a huge salary, this move won't take attention like a €50m buying fee. 

Newcastle boss Eddie Howe wants to sign Ismaila Sarr from Watford who has shined again in Championship and EPL. The Senegalese star will be a key factor for Howe's plan. This move may cost €35m.


Liverpool's well-known manager Jürgen Klopp wants to transfer Porto's squad depthness into his team. They've bought Luis Diaz in January who has costed €55m. But the German manager wants to add another Porto star in summer period. The Portuguese team's stars Otavio and Francisco Conceicao has improved a lot with Francisco's father. Sergio Conceicao's press tactics has inspired Klopp and he'd like to play with that players. 

Porto board is close to negotiate Liverpool's interest. But the board will plan huge amounts for the Reds. The board's calculation didn't finish about this situation. But the rumours said; Liverpool has to pay €85-90m for that players.



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